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North Texas Nadadores

Team Structure

NTN offers six levels of professional technique instruction and training. The placement of each swimmer within the team structure will be the responsibility of the head coach. Each new swimmer will be placed in the practice group best suited for him or her so that he or she may enjoy some degree of success in a relatively short time.

  • Red 1 and Red 1The Starfish group is for swimmers age 6-13 & legal in 3 of the 4 strokes. They are the first groups of the swim team.
  • White 1,2, and 3 .The White groups are for 10 & Under swimmers. Group placement is determined by experience and ability.
  • Blue 1,2 and 3. The Blues groups are for 11 and 12 years of age swimmers. Group placement is determined by experience and ability.
  • Platinum 1 and 2 The Platinum groups are for 13 and 14 year old swimmers and not yet in High School. Group placement is determined by experience and>
  • Senior 2. The Senior 2 Group is for the High School swimmer looking for something to complement the High School training program. It is for swimmers between 14 to 18 years of age.
  • Senior Group. The Senior Group is for the more advanced swimmer, between the ages of 14-18. The goal of this group is to excel in USA Swimming and High School Swimming.
  • National Group. The National Group is for the most advanced swimmers, that are 14 years of age or older. The goal of this group is to excel to the highest levels of USA Swimming and High School Swimming.
  • 2016 Fall Practice Schedule

    Please check your Nadadore Notes for current practice adjustments due to other activities.

    Financial Obligations

    Dues Structure

    Dues apply quarterly unless otherwise noted. The quarters are divided as follows:

    • Quarter 1: Aug/Sep/Oct
    • Quarter 2: Nov/Dec/Jan
    • Quarter 3: Feb/Mar/Apr
    • Quarter 4: May/Jun/Jul
    Group Qtr 1 Qtr 2 and 3 Qtr 4
    National/Senior Group $275 $325 $363
    Platinum 1 $275 $325 $325
    Blue 1 and Platinum 2 $238 $288 $288
    White 1, Blue 2, Blue 3 and Senior 2 $212 $250 $250
    White 2, White 3, Red 1 and Red 2 $175 $212 $212

    Additional Discounts and Surcharges

    • There is a 10% surcharge for non-residents.
    • CISD full-time employees receive a 10% discount.
    • An 8% discount applies for those who pay for a full year in advance.
    • For families with multiple swimmers, a $30 quarterly/$10 monthly discount is granted for each additional swimmer.
    • The quarterly family cap is $700.
    Check with Aquatic Center Office for requirements to join.

    Parent Club

    The NTN Parent Club is a non-profit all volunteer organization of parents who work to continuously improve our swimming program. For more information about the Parent Club, please visit the North Texas Nadadores website at